Tag: God


  • Solon

    God of the Sun and of the Day Favored Weapon: Chakram Domain: Sun Cleric ability: Can cast light as a spell like ability, @level 9 can cast daylight as a spell like ability. Both a number of times per day equal to your Wis mod.

  • Lunoc

    God of the Night Sky Favored Weapon: Javelin Domain: Darkness Cleric Ability: Gain lowlight vision, if you have it get darkvision, @level 9 can cast darkness as a spell like ability equal to Wis mod per day

  • Nysos

    God of the Potent Liquids Favored Weapon: Quadren Domains: Death, Water, Alcohol, Allure Cleric Ability: Can hold breath 3 times longer than normal, @level 9 can cast water breathing as a spell like ability equal to Wis mod per day

  • Avo

    God of Birds Favored Weapon: Staff Domains: Air, Birds Cleric Ability: Get an animal companion, must be a bird

  • Tillia

    Goddess of Reptiles Favored Weapon: Battleaxe Domain: Reptiles Cleric Ability: Get an animal companion, must be a reptile

  • Pesca

    Goddess of Marine Life Favored Weapon: Trident Domains: Water, Fish Cleric Ability: Get an animal companion, must be an aquatic creature

  • Mamael

    God of Mammals Favored Weapon: Greatsword Domain: Mammal Cleric Ability: Get an animal companion, must be a mammal

  • Kckt

    Goddess of Insects Favored Weapon: Darts Domain: Insects Cleric Ability: Get an animal companion, must be an insect

  • Gibil

    God of Jest Favored Weapon: Dagger Domains: Luck, Trickery, Entertainment Cleric Ability: Hideous Laughter as a spell like ability, Wis mod per day, DC=Perform(Comedy)

  • Billuny

    God of Science Favored Weapon: Flask Thrower Domains: Knowledge Cleric Ability: +1/2 to craft(alchemy) and knowledge(engineering) per Cleric level

  • Skrowl

    Goddess of Knowledge Favored Weapon: Runes Domain: Knowledge Cleric Ability: All knowledges are class skills

  • Scrim

    God of Wood Favored Weapon: Greatclub Domain: Wood Cleric Ability: +1 with all wooden weapons, @level 5 all wood weapons considered magic for dr, @ 13 all wood weapons considered adimantine

  • Oren

    God of Metal Favored Weapon: Greatsword Domain: Metal Cleric Ability: +1 with all metal weapons, @level 5 all metal weapons considered magic for dr, @ 13 all metal weapons are considered adimantine

  • Petrex

    God of Rock Favored Weapon: Granite Maul Domain: Earth Cleric Ability: +1 with all rock weapons, @level 5 all rock weapons are considered magic for dr, @ 13 all rock weapons are considered adimantine

  • Ven

    God of Combat Favored Weapon: Katar Domains: Strength, War Cleric Ability: Combat feats at every 4th level

  • Mundia

    Goddess of the Forests Favored Weapon: Longbow Domain: Plant, Animal Cleric Ability: Get forest as a favored terrain

  • Zoid

    God of Entropy Favored Weapon: Battle Poi Domain: Destruction Cleric Ability: Channel negative energy can affect and damage anything, constructs and undead included

  • Donst

    God of Endurance Favored Weapon: Lance Domain: Endurance Cleric Ability: Double base fortitude save

  • Calcerio

    God of Caves Favored Weapon: Heavy Pick Domains: Earth, Darkness Cleric Ability: Get caves/underground as favored terrain

  • Wavni

    Goddess of the Oceans Favored Weapon: Boarding Gaff Domain: Water Cleric Ability: Get ocean/aquatic as a favored terrain

  • Domorn

    God of Command Favored Weapon: Falchion Domains: Command, Law Cleric Ability: +1 save dc on enchantment(control) spells

  • Raima

    Goddess of Rejuvenation Favored Weapon: None Domains: Healing, Rejuvenation Cleric Ability: +1 level to all healing spells and abilities

  • Cres

    God of Forging Favored Weapon: Hammer Domains: Metal, Craft Cleric Ability: +1 to craft(arms&armor) per cleric level

  • Tanget

    God of Tangents Favored Weapon: Have I told you about the time I found a cursed broadsword? Domain: When was the last time you saw my hat? Cleric Ability: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I remember when this statue got built

  • Alske

    Goddess of the Mountains Favored Weapon: Bardiche Domains: Earth, Cold, Plant Cleric Ability: Get Mountains as favored terrain

  • Celis

    Goddess of Cold Favored Weapon: Rapier Domain: Cold Cleric Ability: Energy resistance to ice&cold effects equal to cleric level

  • Torrentia

    Goddess of Storms Favored Weapon: Shortspear Domains: Storms, Winds Cleric Ability: Energy resistance to electricity equal to cleric level

  • Aka

    Goddess of the Winds Favored Weapon: Ripsaw Glaive Domains: Air, Winds Cleric Ability: +1 to fly for each cleric level

  • Embrane

    Goddess of Fire Favored Weapon: Throwing Axe Domain: Fire Cleric Ability: Elemental resistance to fire equal to cleric level

  • Skhiz

    God of Seismic Activity Favored Weapon: Earth Breaker Domain: Earth* Cleric Ability: Energy resistance to earth spells equal to cleric level

  • Basil

    God of Pizza (Culinary arts) Favored Weapon: Dagger Domain: Food Cleric Ability: +1 to craft(cooking) per cleric level

  • Delta

    God of Change Favored Weapon: Multiples (Dwarven Urgosh& Gnome Hooked Hammer for example) Domain: Transmutation Cleric Abitity: considered +1 when casting transmutation spells

  • Stagol

    God of Performance Favored Weapon: Any performance weapon Domain: Entertainment Cleric Ability: Get Dazzling Display as one of the level 1 feats, regardless of prereqs. @ every 4th level can get a performance feat

  • Headth

    God of Wealth Favored Weapon: Sword Cane Domain: Value Cleric Ability: +1 to any check involving money per cleric level

  • Desdi

    Goddess of the Deserts Favored Weapon: Sling Domains: Earth, Endurance Cleric Ability: Get desert as favored terrain

  • Agimo

    God of Camaraderie Favored Weapon: Heavy Flail Domains: Aid Cleric Ability: Get teamwork feat @ every 4th level

  • Alo

    God of Solitude Favored Weapon: Longbow Domains: Personal Cleric Ability: Gain +1 on all checks when alone, @level 5 get the desperate battler feat

  • Chronem

    God of Color Favored Weapon: Shortbow Domains: Color, Vision Cleric Ability: considered +1 level when casting illusion(pattern) spells

  • Clane

    God of Chance Favored Weapon: Blunderbuss Domains: Luck, Chance Cleric ability: Once a day can re-roll any die roll, must take the second roll even if it's worse than the first one

  • Flypone

    God of Agility Favored Weapon: Any light 1-handed weapon Domain: Movement Cleric Ability: Double base reflex save

  • Fasar

    God of Chaos Favored Weapon: Flail Domain: Chaos Cleric Ability: Considered +1 level when casting chaos spells, +1 on saves vs lawful spells

  • Gavleon

    God of Law Favored Weapon: Hammer Domain: Law Cleric Ability: Considered one level higher when casting Law spells, +1 on saves vs chaos spells

  • Ventilous

    God of Precious Gems Favored Weapon: Light Pick Domain: Value Cleric Ability: +1 per cleric level on any checks involving gems

  • Juni

    Goddess of Vegetation Favored Weapon: Wooden Stake Domain: Plant Cleric Ability: Can use channel energy to harm or heal plants & plant creatures

  • Quint

    God of Sight Favored Weapon: Crossbow Domain: Vision Cleric Ability: Double distances of vision abilities