Tag: Earth


  • Petrex

    God of Rock Favored Weapon: Granite Maul Domain: Earth Cleric Ability: +1 with all rock weapons, @level 5 all rock weapons are considered magic for dr, @ 13 all rock weapons are considered adimantine

  • Calcerio

    God of Caves Favored Weapon: Heavy Pick Domains: Earth, Darkness Cleric Ability: Get caves/underground as favored terrain

  • Alske

    Goddess of the Mountains Favored Weapon: Bardiche Domains: Earth, Cold, Plant Cleric Ability: Get Mountains as favored terrain

  • Skhiz

    God of Seismic Activity Favored Weapon: Earth Breaker Domain: Earth* Cleric Ability: Energy resistance to earth spells equal to cleric level

  • Desdi

    Goddess of the Deserts Favored Weapon: Sling Domains: Earth, Endurance Cleric Ability: Get desert as favored terrain